Castles in UK: All you need to know about these castles

Most people associate England with tea, copious amounts of rain, and bright red double-decker buses. They don’t realize that England is a treasure trove of history with breathtaking scenery. However, some of the island’s most beautiful vistas are a bit off the usual road. By seeing some of the top castles in England, you may avoid a boring trip to the UK. That being said, with so many castles in England, it might be difficult to choose just a few to see. Because they are scattered around the nation. In this article, we present five of our absolute favorite and greatest castles in England that I believe you should not miss.

We are positive you’ll come across one or two spectacular castles along the road, no matter what section of England you’re visiting. After all, it is just this that makes touring England so exciting. It’s always wonderful to witness castles that have stood for millennia, in some instances millennia. To be honest, England has a long history, with castles being one of the most beautiful examples. With this in mind, I’d like to highlight some of the top castles in England for you to see on your next vacation.

In this article, we are talking about these castles. So, keep reading to know more about it.

Castles in UK list

Castles in UK Bodiam castle

Bodiam Castle is one of England’s most popular castles. This fort, built in the 14th century by a British soldier who married and earned his way to prosperity. It is a lovely historic remnant and one of the greatest castles in the UK.

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For decades, photographers have been drawn to the distinctive quadrangular castle, with its swarm of massive stone towers and battlements erupting from a foggy moat. In contrast to the near-perfect, noble appearance of the castle, elements of the inside have tragically fallen into ruin. Rather than wandering through a decaying interior, tourists may enjoy exploring the castle’s battlements, vast courtyards, and towers. Knowing this fort means falling in love with it.

Castles in UK Bamburgh Castle

This fort, perched high above a rocky plateau overlooking the Northumberland shoreline. This magnificent castle covers nine acres of land. Also, it is one of England’s largest castles.

Some evidence shows that humans lived on and around the current location of the fort as early as 10,000 BC. However, this famed Northumberland fort is a comparatively new construction erected during the Victorian century by a prominent manufacturer.

Today, this fort serves as the Armstrong family’s ancestral residence. It has 14 public rooms and approximately 2,000 objects including armor, weaponry, ceramics, furniture, and artwork. The castle grounds contain a whinstone windmill from the 18th century. Also, it contains a 12th century keep, an antiques museum, the King’s Hall, a medieval kitchen, and a constable’s tower.

After you’ve explored the fort grounds, stop by the archaeological dig to get your hands dirty and see what you can discover. So, this fort is certainly one of the nicest castles to see in England due to its architecture and seaside views.

Castles in UK Warwick castle

This is a medieval fort attraction. It evolved from a 1068 original. People rebuilt the original fort in stone in the 12th century. This fort, located in the county town of Warwickshire on a sandstone hill near a bend of the River Avon. Then people refortified the castle during the Hundred Years War. Then, it served as a fortress until the early 17th century. The Tussauds Group acquired it in 1978.

Explore the castle, listen to stories, and see performers bring history to life right in front of your eyes.

Castles in UK Lindisfarne Castle

This fort is a 16th century Tudor fort. It stands boldly on Holy Island, rising from a high outcrop of basalt rock. It has changed dramatically over the years, from a historic fort to the vacation house of a rich Edwardian bachelor seeking a quiet refuge from London.

Then, it all started in 634 AD, when Oswald, King of Northumbria, donated the island to the church. Also, he established a monastery community on the spot. People abandoned it in the late eighth century due to Viking attacks. Although, people re-founded it. The community thrived until the Wars of Scottish Independence, when its lands were destroyed, however the monastery itself was fortified to escape substantial damage during an attack.

Between 1902 and 1903 the Elizabethan fort, transformed into a mock castle. Also, it adapted the garrison quarters into a house, and the Tudor cellars into a cozy suite of living rooms. The renovations both served to save the place from ruin. Also, it served to transform the old fort into a stylish country residence.

The castle’s interior still features original 16th century vaulted passages. But, people designed other features like the wood paneled rooms, latched doors, decorative brick flooring and molded roof beams to further mimic the 16th century style. Holy Island is only accessible from the mainland at low tide by means of a causeway.

Castles in UK Raby castle

The Nevills built this fort in the 14th century and home to the Barnard family since 1626, consisting of a series of medieval towers, turrets, and walls, some of which date back to the 11th century.

The castle’s many towers and turrets appear and disappear amid the trees in the 200 acres of surrounding parkland as you approach it. Attractive lakes enhanced the majestic facade of the fort and herds of passing deer. The Gatehouse, with its stone figures standing on the battlements and overlooking the now-dry castle moat, is also a sight to behold.

This fort is a lavish family residence with various medieval, regency, and Victorian interiors. Indeed, the magnificent Gothic vaulted ceilings of the Entrance Hall have been hailed as “one of the boldest visions of their period and the first genuinely spectacular interior of the Gothic revival”. The Octagon Drawing Room has remained nearly untouched since the 1840s. It has opulent fabrics in gold silk and red silk while retaining the majority of the original room’s painting, moldings, and gilding.

Under a stunning plaster ceiling, the Small Drawing Room displays a wonderful collection of sports paintings. Also, the Blue Bedroom depicts a typical bedroom complete with domed canopy bed. Also, the bell calls for attendants built for important castle visitors in the nineteenth century.

The Servant’s Room, with its minimal furnishings, was likewise common. This room, allocated for the castle’s chief housekeeper. Visit the medieval kitchen, which is still outfitted with actual antique utensils, and the Dining Room, which also functions as a sort of image gallery.

After finishing the castle tour, go for a stroll, observe wildlife in the deer park, or rest in the walled gardens. With so much to offer, this fort is a must-see on any list of castles in England.

Castles in UK to stay

Castles in UK Windsor castle

This fort is Europe’s longest palace. It is the residence of the British royal family and the site of numerous royal weddings. With Prince Harry’s marriage to American Meghan Markle, American media coverage of the wedding pushed the castle even farther into the limelight. With its lovely off-gray facade built in a Georgian and Victorian design with modern components. It’s a blend of heritage and modernity. Also, it’s easy to see why the couple picked this castle. The Long Walk vista going up to the castle is simply breathtaking. A classic fairy-tale scenario worthy of a few photos. The castle may get incredibly crowded, so plan ahead of time and arrive early.

Castles in UK Dunrobin castle

The Earl of Sutherland and the Clan Sutherland live in Dunrobin fort, which dates back to the 1300s. Views from the fort overlooking Dornoch Firth are spectacular when sunlight glints off the estuary’s waters. French design heavily influenced the fort and its grounds. The gardens, meticulously groomed and have many parallels to the Gardens of Versailles, with their tiny fountains surrounded by hedges. The fort, embellished with turret roofs, is reminiscent of the castles depicted in your favorite fairy tales. A stroll through the grounds is especially lovely, with the shimmering firth in view and the fort perched on higher elevation. There are even falcons and owls.

Castles in UK Conwy castle

This fort is massive in every way. Its massive, towering turrets, piled one after the other, give such a frightening appearance. So, you feel a little scared when you approach. The fort, built for King Edward I, is one of the best examples of medieval fortification in the UK. The fort’s lofty towers add to its majesty and unique construction. The inside of the fort has two sections. First one is an exterior ward with a great hall, apartments, and kitchen. Then the second one is an inner ward with a royal chapel and more intimate chambers. Visitors are permitted to stroll along the walls and climb all of the towers. The view from the topmost tower provides a 360-degree panorama of the sea and mountains.

Castles in UK

Castles in UK Arundel castle

This fort has been renovated and re-fashioned in an ever-more-grandiose way over the decades. The fort and its gardens, which are home to the Dukes of Norfolk and Earls of Arundel, are beautifully manicured amid 40 acres of expansive, verdant grounds. The walled gardens, with their numerous colorful displays of fragrant flowers. It can take hours to explore and provide for exceptionally beautiful landscapes. Visitors to the Norman Motte may enjoy breathtaking views of the River Arun, the South Downs, and West Sussex. The fort also houses a large art collection of unique paintings by famous painters. Parts of the fort may be familiar to Doctor Who and The Young Victoria fans. You can check their official website for exact opening times and dates.

Castles in UK Glamis castle

This fort is a dizzying array of turrets. The rich green of the Scottish landscape surrounded it. As you glance at the pompous facade of the fort, you’ll find yourself in a wonderful location. The castle is suitable for a prince. You can’t help but imagine one gallivanting on horseback through the vast, verdant area that encircles it. The turrets and towers of the castle can be seen from the Queen Mother Gates. So, this sense of majesty will only increase during your journey. There are several trails around the castle that showcase various garden types.

Castles in UK for sale

A castle is hard to beat for a house with history. But be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. There is no better fantasy for architectural fanatics and the upwardly mobile than castles.

Buyers beware, castles were not intended for comfort or practicality. Also, it will require a king’s ransom to maintain. You may possess a piece of British history and an outstanding party location. But living there will require deep money and winter clothing.

Callaly castle

The Library House is a substantial portion of this fort. People built it in the 17th century. Also, it has a 14th-century tower. Then, it had seven wings in the 1980s. It has three levels and one of the building’s main staircases, as well as the original library. It is now a drawing room, and a mezzanine level with a dining room and study. To explore, there are four bedrooms, two baths, and 27 acres of communal gardens and forests.

L wit castle

The present owner rescued and painstakingly repaired this 500-year-old fort. It is a reasonable size and fairly snug inside. The studded entrance door leads into a kitchen/dining area with flagstone floors. Also, it has an electric Aga, as well as wood burning stoves in the drawing room and master bedroom. One of the other two bedrooms is entered via a spiral staircase. Then, it features a vaulted ceiling with views of the Bristol Channel, as well as a grassy walled garden and pasture. More than half of the castle remains a ruin, with the possibility of being transformed into additional lodging. Although such a project is not for the faint of heart.

Orchardton Castle

This spectacular Scottish baronial-style fort has towers, turrets, spires. Also, it has a plethora of historical decorations such as wood paneling, ceiling plasterwork, and massive bay windows. There are more than 40 rooms, 30 functioning fireplaces, 15 baths, and five acres to keep spotless. However with 20 bedrooms, you may consider employing live-in staff. Alternatively, you may monetize the castle by converting it into a boutique hotel. Also, you can rent it out as a wedding location.

Castles in UK

Careston Castle

This fort, located in the center of a 345-acre estate. Dense woods and magnificent gardens surrounded it. Behind the imposing red sandstone facade is a very pleasant and very spacious family house. It has the major rooms spread across the first and second floors. They include a drawing room, dining room, sitting room, library, study, and six bedrooms. Also, it has several historical elements such as paneled walls, stone and timber flooring, and beautifully carved fireplaces. It is one of the greatest examples of masonry in Scotland. There are outbuildings and three estate cottages in it.

Castles in UK famous

Hampton court

This famed 1,000-room mansion, located a few miles from London along the River Thames. Henry the VIII formerly held it. He was famous for having six wives and murdering two of them. Katherine Howard, 15, was the fifth wife. People imprisoned Howard after being accused of infidelity. But he subsequently escaped. She was apprehended and prosecuted for treason. When Howard was taken back to Hampton Court after attempting to flee, she was hauled through the Haunted Gallery. Outside Hampton Court, it has 60 acres of gardens, stunning vistas of the River Thames, and a renowned maze. These have perplexed tourists for over 300 years bringing the grounds to life.

Stirling castle

This fort is a popular landmark of Scotland, located 450 miles from London. A monument commemorating Scotland’s famous national hero, William Wallace, lies just outside the walls of Stirling. Wallace led a small force against the English monarch, Edward I, during the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297. Seven hundred years later, the Wallace memorial reminds people of the victory at Stirling.

Among the 8 centuries of fighting and killings at Sterling fort, something quite positive and illuminating did occur: one of the earliest attempts at flying. During the time of King James IV in Scotland, almost 500 years ago, scientist John Damian revealed his intention to fly from Stirling Castle to France. Damian completed his brief flight by jumping from a stone wall and then gracefully flying straight down, dropping like a stone, using strips of wood, chicken feathers, and adhesive.

Leeds castle

This fort is 900 years old. This fort, located 30 miles from downtown London. It was Henry the VIII’s residence. Leeds Castle, despite its British setting, has numerous American links. The castle’s two owners both possessed significant amounts of land in Culpepper and Fairfax, Virginia. The castle’s ties to the United States are still strong today.

Castles in UK

William Randolph Hearst almost acquired this fort until he found the missing toilets, lack of power, and that the servants’ quarters had been used as prisons. Then, an American purchased the castle. Lady Olive Baillie purchased the castle in 1926 and immediately began repairing and installing all essential furnishings.

Tower of London

The Tower of London has dominated the city’s skyline for over 1,000 years. For 350 years, it has housed the royal family and the crown jewels, which have been on public display. Every year, almost 2 million people visit the tower.

The Yeoman Warders, often known as Beefeaters, manage the tower and teach interested listeners about its history. The Tower of London has a tumultuous history. Torture, murder, and executions all occurred in the tower at some point. The gateway from the River Thames is notable for being the final halt for individuals on their way to be executed. They executed three English queens, including Ann Boleyn, Henry VIII’s wife.

Tingtagel castle

This fort, located in Cornwall, in the northwest corner of England. It is popular for King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. The Earl of Cornwall erected this fort 800 years ago. The stories of King Arthur and his fabled Camelot piqued the earl’s interest. The castle was built to imitate the court where King Arthur is said to have reigned for many years.

Some frequently asked questions

How many castles are in the United Kingdom?

Over 4,000 castles are claimed to exist in England, erected many hundreds of years ago and strewn over the country’s landscape and shoreline. Many of the most notable are still standing today, serving as a reminder of the country’s rich history.

Which is the largest castle in the UK?

Windsor castle is the largest castle in the UK.

Which country has the most castles?

Germany is the country with the most castles. It is estimated that Germany has 25,000 castles inside its boundaries.

What is the world’s biggest castle?

Malbork castle is the world’s biggest castle.

Do people still live in castles?

Surprisingly, a surprising number of medieval castles are still in use today. These medieval castles are not only still intact, but they are also (at least in part) private dwellings of families who can trace their history back through the ages.

What castle does the royal family live in?

The Queen spends the most of her time in Buckingham Palace, which is located in central London. The palace has 775 rooms.

Who lives in England castles?

Kings and lords resided in castles from the late Middle Ages, from the 10th through the 16th century. There was a large staff in addition to the lord, the lady (his wife), and their family. Some were high-ranking officials, such as the constable who looked over the castle when the lord was gone.

Why don’t people build castles anymore?

Castles fell as a means of defense after the 16th century, owing mostly to the creation and refinement of heavy cannons and mortars. This artillery was capable of launching huge cannonballs with such energy that even stout curtain walls could not withstand them.

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